How To Choose A Right Hosting

Webhosting is a base for our website, whether you are blogging or you are setting up a website for a client, you need hosting. If you want to rank your website in a good way as every blogger wishes, then having a right webhosting is very important.

So the question comes that how can you choose the right webhosting, so basically you have to take care about some important factors about which we will discuss in this blog.In this blog, we are going to study 10 important factors which you have to keep in mind before taking webhosting.


Top 10 important factors you should know for buying hosting

1 Uptime

The first important factor is the uptime that you have to keep in mind. Uptime is basically the time in which the server is working or running in your website and this uptime is shown in the form of percent, then you have to keep in mind that your server should be above 99.5% if the uptime works. So you have to avoid that hosting.


2 Support

The second important factor that you have to keep in mind is that support before taking hosting. Basically every hosting company provides very good support for the sale, but at the time of technical support you do not get the support that you expect, then you have to keep in mind that the company is providing the said technical support like Whether providing support on whatsapp or providing support through gmail or not and you also have to keep in mind that support should be provided 24/7.


3 Cost

Many hosting companies have a strategy that at the initial price they are very low but on reneiwal you take a lot of cost, then you have to keep in mind that whatever hosting you are going with, you should check the reneiwal You have to do it and you have to choose hosting by comparing the price.


4 Backups

Many times we are working on a website like that, then it gets an error or our website gets deleted or our data gets lost many times, so with the help of basic backup your data is safe and you are tension free. If many hosting company provides the feature of backup, if many company does not, then you have to keep this thing in mind.


5 upgradation

So many times your post goes viral and traffic comes to your website in bulk due to which your website is unable to load and the speed of your website starts slowing due to which the impression of your website is poor. At that time there is a need to upgrade your hosting, so sometimes the hosting company gives you the option to upgrade the hosting and sometimes if not, then you have to keep in mind that you have to take the hosting in which infuture you are getting the option to upgrade.


6 Refund policy

Many times what happens is that you take the hosting for your use, but it does not work properly, due to which you think to return the hosting, then you have to keep in mind that you have to check the refund policy. Because many companies provide refunds and if not many companies then you also have to take care of this which is an important factor.


7 Server response speed

Another important factor for bloggers is the location of the server. Basically what is the location of your server, then you get speed in hosting according to that, let’s say if your server is from a particular country like India then your hosting will give extra speed i.e. it means to say that the country your hosting is that Your site will rank better in the country.


8 Account suspend

Another important factor is that of suspending account, so let’s basically assume that if a post of yours becomes viral in future, then suddenly a lot of visitors come to your website, then your hosting is suspended.So you have to first confirm with the hosting company that it is not suspending your hosting if more site is loaded.


9 Inode count

Another important factor that you have to take care of is inode count. Basically from this point it is decided that how many files you can keep on your server, then minimum you have to keep in mind that your inode count must be up to 2,00,000.


10 Addon domain

The last factor that we have to keep in mind is that what hosting company is allowing you to change your primary domain and whether you are allowing you to add addon domain, then basically you should confirm this Is that you can change your primary domain and how many addon domains can you add?



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